Aikido Knutsford – your local club for a martial art that’s a little bit different

Welcome to Aikido Knutsford, teaching Aikido techniques and moves !

We teach Aikido which is a non-aggressive form of self-defence, and a little different from other martial arts.

Aikido is perfect if you are looking for the following:

If you want to start, Aikido Knutsford is your local club for everyone in East Cheshire, based at Knutsford Leisure Centre. Have a look around our site to find out more about the art of Aikido, who we are and how to start.

What is Aikido ?

Aikido Knutsford in Action

Aikido is a Japanese martial art for self-protection, it is not violent and uses an aggressor’s energy against them. Awareness and technique are more important than strength. It is not competitive and we teach in a friendly, inclusive style – this is really popular with beginners. You can see more about Aikido here.

Is it for you ?

We are often asked this ! Here are the most important points:

Aikido Knutsford is also very welcoming and you can have a great social life. Here’s what some of our members say:

“I arrive stressed from work. Aikido clears it all from my mind. I feel so much better afterwards. I just don’t get that from gym workouts.”

“I have never done a martial art before. I was always put off by attitudes on the tasters I tried. But I really enjoy the whole ethos of Aikido.”

“Very sociable and welcoming. The post-training discussions in the pub are always fun.”

Our Facebook feed gives you a feel of what is happening and there are other questions and answers here.

Train with Aikido Knutsford

We train at Knutsford Leisure Centre on Wednesdays, from 7.00 – 9.15 pm. After training, we always find time for a drink and a chat.

A four week taster costs £15 (£10 for concessions), including BAB membership a benefit of which includes insurance. All you need to wear is loose fitting clothing. There is more information about starting here.

Aikido Knutsford – your local club for a fascinating martial art.

We always welcome new members, whatever age and whether male or female. Come and see us – it would be great to meet you.