Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Aikido Knutsford

Where does Aikido Knutsford train ?

We train at Knutsford Leisure Centre on Wednesdays from 7.00 – 9.15 pm. The Leisure Centre is at Westfield Drive, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 0BL.

Once there, ask at Reception for directions to our training room.

What do I wear ?

All you need to start is loose fitting exercise clothing, such as track suit trousers, T-shirt and flip flops. Please remove jewellery or tape it up. You don’t need an Aikido suit to start training.

Are the classes mixed ages and abilities ?

Yes they are. You will find that we train on equal terms in a friendly atmosphere. The class always takes into account the ages and abilities of those present. Sometimes everyone trains together, sometimes the class is split to allow coaching geared to particular levels. Our intention is that everyone learns something from every class.

How are beginners treated ?

Aikido Knutsford in Action

Aikido Knutsford follows the welcoming ethos of the art. We have an inclusive, non-threatening teaching style which is really popular with beginners. We introduce them safely to the practice of Aikido and mostly, they will train with experienced students. But sometimes, they will be taught basic Aikido techniques and moves at one side of the class. We all remember we were once beginners !

Are there any age restrictions at Aikido Knutsford ?

Aikido is suitable for all ages from teenager upwards. As an example, at Aikido Knutsford our members’ ages range from early ‘20s to early ‘60s; but it’s sometimes hard to tell !

Are there Aikido competitions ?

Are there Aikido competitions ? Aikido is a non-competitive martial art. In part, this is due to the Founder’s philosophy. It is also because Aikido is non-aggressive and defensive in nature – these do not make it suitable for competitions. Instead, we hold regular all-day courses where you can train with members from other Clubs and be taught by high grade Instructors and guest Coaches.

Aikido Knutsford – your local club for a fascinating martial art.

We always welcome new members, whatever age and whether male or female. Come and see us – it would be great to meet you.