About Aikido Knutsford

About Aikido - the Japanese martial art of unarmed self-defence

Aikido translates from the Japanese as "The Way of Harmony and Spirit" and was developed in the mid-1920s, by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. He created it for both physical and spiritual development and some of the techniques have origins in the Samurai traditions. It is a subtle martial art with many levels, but at a basic level:

You do not need great physical strength or aggressive spirit for Aikido. Men and women of many ages practice Aikido and it exercises all parts of the body. Physically, this leads to flexibility, co-ordination and balance. Mentally, it develops alertness and quick reaction. Its enjoyment is life-long. From early on, beginners feel the self- confidence it gives them; whilst Dan grades with 40 years’ experience are still learning subtle variations of technique and movement.

About Aikido Knutsford and our coaching team

Aikido Knutsford was formed in early 2012 to offer Aikido training to Knutsford and its surrounding areas in Cheshire. The two teachers are Hephzi (3rd Dan) and Marco (2nd Dan). They have both been active in Aikido in the North West for many years and train in other Aikido Clubs to continually develop their skill. They are qualified Coaches with a variety of training styles.

We also call on local, high-grade, guest instructors. They teach more subtle and varied techniques and of course, a very high quality of training.

Aikido is also about the human interaction between students, both on and off the mat. Aikido Knutsford have always encouraged the social side of the Club and strong bonds of friendship have developed because of training regularly together.

The bigger picture – Aikido Knutsford and the Lancashire Aikikai.

Aikido Knutsford in Action

Aikido Knutsford is one of the 10 Clubs in the North West which belong to the Lancashire Aikikai. This is a long standing Association with direct links back to the founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Visit www.lancashireaikikai.org to see more about Lancashire Aikikai. For example, it gives us the following:


Aikido Knutsford – your local club for a fascinating martial art.

We always welcome new members, whatever age and whether male or female. Come and see us – it would be great to meet you.